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UNFCCC Web Archive

Welcome to the UNFCCC web archive. We capture, preserve, and make accessible historical UNFCCC information that has been published in previous iterations of the UNFCCC website infrastructure. The web archive includes Twitter feed content, and snapshots of websites dating from 1997 to the present day.

Image © UNHCR/L. Bernier

The UNFCCC website includes a wealth of information relating to activities of the Organization. Web contents are constantly changing and underlying web technologies are fast evolving. The web archive aims to preserve the history and legacy of UNFCCC’s communications to their stakeholders and general public. The UNFCCC Records and Archives Team under the Operations Coordination Division carries out web archiving to preserve this valuable web heritage and ensure the historic content remains available and accessible to meet the expectations of the international community and future generations.

The UNFCCC Web Archive started in March 2022 and covers the main UNFCCC websites and Twitter account. Regular captures have been undertaken since then.

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