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Register an initiative:

If your initiative is committed to climate action and you would like to present your achievements on the Global Climate Action Portal (GCAP), please send an e-mail of interest to

Our team will register your interest and ask you to identify a focal point, whom we will contact in advance of our next survey of cooperative climate initiatives. The survey will allow you to provide your initiative’s goals, targets and progress, as well as other information, including participants and governance structure. The information collected in the survey will be used to help with the analysis of cooperative climate initiatives conducted by our survey partners and will be used to determine whether the initiative is recognized in GCAP.

You may also choose to register your initiative with the Climate Initiative Platform

Register your action

To join an initiative already registered in our portal, use the contact information on the specific initiative in our portal to contact the initiatives directly. All initiatives are listed on our Cooperative Initiatives page here.

To register your individual commitment to action please visit the website of our data partners, accessible by clicking on one of the links below