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International cooperative initiatives (ICIs) are arrangements between non-state, subnational actors and/or national governments that collaborate across borders to achieve climate goals. The non-state and subnational actors may include cities, regions, businesses, investors and other organizations such as academic institutions and research bodies. All these actors are reflected in the Global Action Portal as participants of the cooperative initiatives.

Cooperative initiatives may focus on climate mitigation (directly or indirectly reducing greenhouse gases), climate adaptation and resilience (directly or indirectly fostering adaptation to the impacts of climate change) or a mix of both. They do so by producing and disseminating knowledge through publications and physical events, setting norms and standards, implementing local projects, training and building capacity, running awareness campaigns, lobbying governments, and creating new products or services.

Progress tracking

At COP26 in November 2021 the Global Climate Action portal launched the tracking of voluntary climate action with the inclusion of the progress made by cooperative initiatives registered in the portal, including the initiatives launched at the UN SG's 2019 Climate Action Summit and COP25. The progress tracking for these cooperative initiatives can be explored below.


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