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Prompted by the urgency to scale up climate action, state, non-state and subnational actors have committed to facilitate the achievement of the Paris Agreement. These actors, represented in the Global Climate Action portal by companies, investors, organizations, regions, cities and countries, are recognized here by their various engagements in climate action, such as setting a climate action commitment, participating in cooperative initiatives, adopting climate action plans and undertaking specific mitigation, adaptation or finance actions. Together, the engagements by individual actors give an indication of the global efforts that are being made to mitigate climate change and ensure a future that is resilient to the challenges it poses.

At COP26 in November 2021 the Global Climate Action portal launched the tracking of voluntary climate action with the inclusion of the progress made by individual actors registered in the portal. The new progress tracking element illustrates the ambition and scope of the individual actors’ climate actions, and contributes towards the enhancement of climate commitments and more importantly their implementation.

Below you can explore the individual actors and their engagements in climate action by using the different filters, or explore the progress tracking framework by navigating to a specific actor page.

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