New elements and dimensions of adaptation under the Paris Agreement (Article 7)


The Paris Agreement aims to strengthen the global climate change response by increasing the ability of all to adapt to adverse impacts of climate change and foster climate resilience. It defines a global goal on adaptation – the goal is:

  • to enhance adaptive capacity and resilience;
  • to reduce vulnerability, with a view to contributing to sustainable development;

and ensuring an adequate adaptation response in the context of the goal of holding average global warming well below 2 degrees C and pursuing efforts to hold it below 1.5 degrees C.

Adaptation planning and implementation

The Agreement requires all Parties, as appropriate, to engage in adaptation planning and implementation through e.g. national adaptation plans, vulnerability assessments, monitoring and evaluation, and economic diversification. All Parties should, as appropriate, communicate their priorities, plans, actions, and support needs through adaptation communications, which shall be recorded in a public registry.


The Agreement will improve the understanding of climate change and the transparency of actions by establishing a new transparency framework.  In this context, Parties should provide information related to climate change impacts and adaptation.

Global stocktake

Article 14 of the Paris Agreement requires the CMA to periodically take stock of the implementation of the Paris Agreement in order to assess collective progress towards achieving the purpose of the Agreement and its long-term goals. This process is called the global stocktake.

The global stocktake shall be conducted in a comprehensive and facilitative manner, considering mitigation, adaptation and the means of implementation and support, and in the light of equity and the best available science.

The CMA will undertake the first global stocktake in 2023 and every five years thereafter unless otherwise decided by the CMA.

As per Decision 1/CP.21 paragraphs 99 and 101, the APA, under its agenda item 6 (APA item 6), is currently identifying additional sources of input for and developing modalities of, the global stocktake.

See APA item 6 for further details on the status of work on these mandates and upcoming activities.

In addition to the mandates to the APA, the SBSTA was also mandated by paragraph 100 of the same decision to provide to the APA advice on how the assessments of the IPCC can inform the global stocktake. The SBSTA concluded its work on this mandate at SBSTA 45, in Marrakech, November 2016. The advice is available in document FCCC/SBSTA/2016/4, paragraphs 47 to 56.

In this page, you will find information on the new elements and dimensions in the area of adaptation under the Paris Agreement (Article 7).