National Communications - Background information

The National Communications Module of the Climate Finance Data Portal captures information communicated by Annex II Parties on the provision of financial resources related to the implementation of the Convention through their national communications. The module presents information in a searchable format and allows users to download data.

This module presents information communicated by Annex II Parties through their fourth, fifth and sixth national communications, as well as, in some cases, through their first biennial reports when the sixth national communications referred to this report (available here). Information communicated by Parties under the first, second and third national communications are not captured in this module. It also includes information that has been submitted by Parties related to Tables 3, 4 and 5 of Section VIII of part II of the UNFCCC guidelines on reporting and review.

The data presented in this module has been extracted from submitted national communications documents and every effort has been made to ensure accuracy and consistency to the extent possible. More detailed and comprehensive information on the provision of financial resources may be accessed in the national communications of Annex II Parties.

For the information contained in the first and second biennial reports as submitted by Annex II Parties covering the period 2011 to 2012, and 2013 to 2014, please refer to the Biennial Reports Data Interface application, available here.