Technology Executive Committee

Strengthening climate technology policies


Created in 2010, the Technology Executive Committee (TEC) is the policy arm of the Technology Mechanism. It focuses on identifying policies that can accelerate the development and transfer of low-emission and climate resilient technologies.

The TEC and the Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN) form the Technology Mechanism. With the Technology Mechanism serving the Paris Agreement, the TEC will play a key role in supporting countries to identify climate technology policies that support them to achieve the Agreement’s objectives. 

The TEC consists of 20 technology experts representing developed and developing countries. It meets at least twice a year and holds climate technology events to support efforts to address technology-related policy issues. Each year the TEC reports to the Conference of the Parties (COP) on its performance and activities. Specifically, the TEC analyses climate technology issues and develops balanced policy recommendations, supporting countries to accelerate action on climate change.


The TEC’s key outputs are its annual technology-related recommendations to the COP. Through these, the TEC highlights proven measures that countries may take to speed up climate technology action. The TEC also produces policy briefs, called TEC Briefs, and other technical documents to enhance information sharing on climate technology efforts. Read the TEC key messages on climate technology policies. As part of its work, the TEC has also analysed policy options emanating from the UNFCCC technical examination process.

Working with key partners

The TEC works closely with key partners and stakeholders to develop inclusive policy recommendations that are up-to-date and cutting-edge. In particular, it works closely with the CTCN to address technology development and transfer issues. Under the Convention, the TEC engages with entities including the Adaptation Committee, the Global Environmental Facility, the Green Climate Fund, the Standing Committee on Finance and the Executive Committee of the Warsaw International Mechanism for Loss and Damage. The committee engages with many stakeholders within the wider climate community. 


The TEC engages with stakeholders through several means. These include calls for inputs and invitations to take part in TEC meetings, task forces, workshops, thematic dialogues, expert meetings and side events. To reach out to a greater audience and increase stakeholder engagement, TEC meetings are webcast and open to observers. Furthermore, the TEC encourages stakeholders to participate in its meetings using the Twitter hashtag #climatetech


To enhance climate technology development and transfer, the TEC has the following functions:

  • Provide an overview of countries’ climate technology needs and analyse policy and technical issues related to climate technology development and transfer

  • Recommend actions to promote climate technology development and transfer

  • Recommend guidance on climate technology policies and programmes

  • Promote and facilitate collaboration between climate technology stakeholders

  • Recommend actions to address barriers to climate technology development and transfer

  • Seek cooperation with climate technology stakeholders and promote coherence across technology activities

  • Catalyse the development and use of climate technology road maps and action plans

To support the TEC to conduct its functions, the TEC has modalities of work. In addition, the COP mandated the TEC to further implement the technology transfer framework. In the context of serving the Paris Agreement, the TEC will also work to accelerate technology cooperation to achieve the Agreement’s objectives, particularly the agreement’s Article 10 on technology.

Contact the TEC

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