UN Global Climate Action Awards

Do you want to learn what UN Global Climate Action Awards is all about? Watch this short video introducing last year's winning climate actions.

The UN Global Climate Action Awards are spearheaded by UN Climate Change to shine a light on the enormous groundswell of activities underway across the globe that are moving the world toward a highly resilient, low-carbon future. The UN Global Climate Action Awards recognize innovative and transformative solutions that address both climate change and wider economic, social and environmental challenges.

The projects that receive the UN Global Climate Action Award represent some of the most practical, scalable and replicable examples of what people, businesses, governments and industries are doing to tackle climate change.

Here's what has been happening lately with the UN Global Climate Action Awards: 

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UN Global Climate Action Awards: Areas of Focus

Climate Leaders

Climate Leaders: recognizing transformational efforts by governments at any level (national, provincial, state, city, town) that are moving the needle on climate change. 

Climate Neutral Now

Climate Neutral Now: recognizing efforts by individuals, companies and governments that are achieving real results in transitioning to climate neutrality.

Financing for Climate Friendly Investment

Financing for Climate Friendly Investment: recognizing successful and innovative climate-smart activities. This focus area is implemented in partnership with the World Economic Forum Global Project on Climate Change.

Women for Results

Women for Results: recognizing the critical leadership and participation of women in addressing climate change. This focus area was implemented in collaboration with Masdar and then Donors supporting the implementation of the UNFCCC Gender Action Plan in 2012 - 2020. 

Planetary Health

Planetary Health: recognizing novel solutions that balance the need for both human health and a healthy planet, implemented with the generous support of the Rockefeller Foundation in 2017 - 2019.

ICT Solutions

ICT Solutions: recognizing successful climate change activities in the field of information and communication technology. This focus area was implemented in partnership with the Global e-Sustainability Initiative in 2015 - 2017. 

Urban Poor

Urban Poor: recognizing climate action that improves the lives of impoverished people in urban communities. This focus area was implemented with the generous support of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation from 2011-2015.