Welcome to the UNFCCC Climate Finance Data Portal

This portal is a gateway to information on activities funded in developing countries to implement the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). In particular, it aims to assist Parties in tracking the Financial Mechanism of the Convention and to inform the intergovernmental process under the UNFCCC and relevant stakeholders on the mobilization of resources to support developing countries in the implementation of adaptation and mitigation projects and other activities under the Convention.

The development of this portal has been in conjunction with efforts of other organizations including the World Bank and UNDP initiative on Climate Finance Options and the initiative led by the Government of the Netherlands on Fast-Start Finance. The secretariat acknowledges the support provided by the secretariat of the Global Environment Facility (GEF) through making available information and data on projects and activities supported through the Climate Convention Funds managed by the GEF. It also extends its appreciation to delegates and experts who have provided useful comments and insights during the development phase of this portal.

The secretariat invites users to provide feedback on the Climate Finance Data Portal. Please email us should you find any omissions or errors in this web site through the contact details provided. For technical questions please contact the secretariat directly.

About the Climate Finance Data Portal Modules

The Climate Finance Data Portal presents information on financial resources that have been made available to Non-Annex I Parties to the UNFCCC. The Portal consists of the following four modules: